My intervention process journey

Today during our class, we were encouraged to draw or project journey… by doing it I notice I was drawing all my preliminary intervention ideas based on my own research and some classmate suggestions.

But the most special thing by doing this drawing was to identify that for balance our time, we are crossing the bridge in a constant swing…. like a pendle…

Or like a real swing.!.. So I remind this popular comic in Latinamerica, Mafalda from Quino that says when people stop swinging… or put the feet on the earth… funny things go off.

I thought too about metronome, as another Pendle metaphor

And the classic Pendle watch as inspiration for possible interventions

Gravitational waves and work-life balance?

I discovered almost by mistake the following book in the Foyle Library: “The order of time” written by a Quantic Physics!

Image result for carlo rovelli order of time

The book was launched this year and is changing my life, because is a balance between philosophy and physics of Time. I never though my project will have a strong connection with science, so even though Einstein discovered long time ago: “present don’t exist”, for me is a really new finding that could help me to understand better that “Time is not made of things, time is made of events” and currently life and work are events that are happening paralelly.

That’s why the concept or image of gravitational waves will be helpful to continue thinking in my intervention ideas