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Class exercise – Looking for project visual connections

Today class we were motivated to go out from the building and look for images, shapes, objects, etc who inspired or connect with our project. Some ideas to my head:

  • Time is always on layers, humans are made of layers of time
  • Calendar is a map of time, but current calendar has not layers. Can we create a calendar to combine life and work and show proper uses of time?
  • For balance we need support points. What support points will work for remote workers?


Inspiration from Amsterdam (1)

Last weekend I visited Amsterdam, and beyond all the personal experience there I found some valuable inspiration for my project in two museums.

Van Gogh Museum
Honestly, I didn’t know anything about Van Gogh, beyond his “ear” issue, so for me was amazing to discover how he was considered the “engineer” painter. I think is not just because he creates a tool to add perspective to their paints is because he was, overall, a researcher. In the exhibition Van Gogh in Japan, you see how he collected more than 600 Japanese prints to get inspired and how he lived during years at the south of France to create the “painting of the future”. It seems all his painting work was a constant experimentation, and to me that is the essence of applied imagination.

Stedelijk Museum
From all the different exhibitions in the museum, A Fragile Beauty from Güten Förg was the one who inspire me the most for my project, overall because he creates some pieces that represent windows/architecture and I related immediately with the cells of a calendar, as well in some pieces his use of colors I could connect with representation of time events.

Resultado de imagen para GÜNTHER FÖRG


The new question I got about all of this is… Could my project become a piece of art? How can I be an artist if I don’t know anything about this field? Could my intervention become an art exhibition? Is this profitable?

Preliminary plan for intervention 1

Before to explore the ideas of having a balance, Pendle or swing, I would like to know how workers react to see printed calendars as a tangible representation of time and to identify if there’s any impact of the awareness about work-life balance to them.

The plan is the following:


1. Ask to at least 10 of my friends working currently in digital media, and in different time zones, to share with me a print screen of their worst week calendar. I did this form to ask for it.

2. Review the calendars an identify if they add events of their personal and family moments.

3. Print the calendars in A4 format, full colour. Add circles with a marker to the events related to personal and family moments.

4. Ask to Transport of London to allow me to stick the calendars in one of the underground halls for Central Line on Oxford Circus Station. (Or in the hall most crowded in labour weekdays) it could be between 8:00 to 9:00 am.

5. Stick the calendars side by side of the underground hall in Oxford Circus.

6. Wait for the crowd and video record their reactions while people walk or do the queue.

7. Optional: Attached a pen at the end of each calendar set with an empty sheet of paper asking something like: If you would like to have more time for you and your family and friends draw here a doodle (or circle or line)