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How musicians and music experts are helping me in this process

During all those weeks I’ve been thinking a lot if what I’m doing is new or it has been done in other spheres, so I decide to look for professional advice about my intervention idea an those are some results and suggestions:

Paul Brown – Musical Guide Beatles Story, Liverpool 

  • “Is a really interesting idea, there is a lot of good academic literature about the affective and emotional response to music in public spaces and workplaces, you should be exploring that. “
  • “Just remind Classical music might be not for everyone and not at all people would like to listen to music while working” 


Natalia Valencia – Music passionate and blogger

“So obviously you already read the books of Oliver Sacks?” (No yet, but now I will)








Julian Gil Rodriguez – Violinist London Symphony Orchestra 

  • “You could involve music students to develop your interventions, is the opportunity to create new scenarios for musicians and make they begin to acquire experience and earn money in an early stage. I´m not sure if a current musician in big orchestras will do it but the new musician generations would love too.”
  • Think about Camera Music and


The first company say yes to my intervention!

After presenting my Intervention Proposal,  The Huckletree will be supporting my musical intervention next September 12th! This company is a co-working space who has services in London and Dublin and it has several startups and companies working there.

According to my research before to do the intervention It is important to understand the musical interest of employees or member who will participate, to prepare a more accurate repertory who connect with emotion. That’s why I have prepared a Survey to send to all potential people who will be in the office.

This survey just has the interest to understand if people listen to music at work, the reasons why they do it and their perception of classical music, the questions where reviewed for Guillermo Medina, MA in History and Phd Student, who has strong experience in Social Studies. I’m planning to apply it also to more people in my social networks.

By the other side Sara Gargía, a professional flautist from Colombia, will be the musician who will be supporting me to play for 20 mins when workers arrive at the office. After the Survey results, we will be preparing the most accurate songs to connect with audience emotion and fits the objective.

In the meantime, I need to think and prepare the best way to record people reactions. My plan is to have a semi-hidden and fixed camera to capture most of the people faces, however, the idea is I can record with my mobile


During all this process I’ve been thinking: How should I measure the anxiety without conditioning people behaviour? I have read about different tools like GAD-7, a questionary to do a “self-report” about General Disorder Anxiety, but… It is the General Disorder what I want to reduce or change? or it is just to reduce the fear emotions during work?. This questions about anxiety measuring and emotions and work has made me overthink what I really want.

In technical terms I would love to reduce the anxiety but to prove it I would have to go deeper in the research of mental health and it physical implications, I have thought in not invasive options like: measuring the people pulse by using their smart watches or record the place with a thermal camera to notice the change, but that will be applied imagination? or standard academic research?. How ever my first intention what to promote or create awareness about work-life balance… but now? I’m still a little bit confuse about it.


  • Severity of anxiety and work‐related outcomes of patients with anxiety disorders
  • The meaning and measurement of neuroticism and anxiety.

  • Scales for the measurement of some work attitudes and aspects of psychological well-being


First stakeholder approach for music intervention

Thanks to the job I found in April, in a Fintech Startup, I had access to the Human Resources area of a networking space complex in London, I already  talk with the event manager about the idea to bring classical music to the office, he shows his interest and suggests I present a formal proposal to scale it to their team.

I did the proposal and I already send it, it was reviewed by my tutor available here. I hope to receive a positive answer soon.

In the meantime, I will have other approaches with two digital agencies in London.