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The almost “hippie” documentary that opened my mind for my project

Between gods, birds, awesome lights, energy and harp sounds… I found the following documentary to understand:


  • The importance of “Mi” musical note in human healing… Could I use the expression hearing and healing as my tagline?
  • The relation of birds, chants and the creation of the harp
  • The musical brain states… every note activates something in the human brain to help him to go be relaxed, alert, medidate, sleep… etc


  • An also that when we born we have born with a specific note

History of Music, Music on the brain and more

Today during a flight of 12 hours, with no entertainment on board,  I watch some documentaries about Music that I download previously:

History of Music

  • The origin of music has a strong relationship with echo and resonance caves, and also was originally made to represent the Rhythm of work. (As the workings in the jazz music) Questions: Could the music be always a relief to handle and manage work? When did we lost this community perspective of music? Can we recover the work songs when our digital work is merely cognitive?
  • According to the Evolutionary Sicology, it is the ability to create music what makes us human. I related this also to the creation of a new language…

Important: After mi Viena visit to the music museum I would like to explore another intervention with a box of resonance or a “cave” where people can experience Echo. I have to research more about the cognitive benefits of echo and resonance. I also thought that maybe the echo or resonance is something that makes creatives during a shower.

  • Innovation on music was exploratory also, trial an error. The big discovering was the harmony concept: the simultaneous sound of one or more sound.

Questions: How to create harmony with the life and work “tones”, how to find a perfect tonality and how to do a balance it with music?

  •  The Gregorian music has an important impact in the evolution of music, asGregorianorian calendar that I explored in the study of time previously, was the gregorian chorus who discover the use of the eight tones and define the concept of “octave” (piano is made of octaves)
  • I learned that music notes where graphic representations of the intonations original made by a monk over the lyrics of songs, and also was impacting to discover it was a woman on of the first music composers “Kaccia of Constantinopla”

Power of Music on the Brain

Even this documentary looks a little bit old and with no new references as I expected. It is an amazing summary of what music can do in mental illness, dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. They used a MEG to analyze what music do in the brain and the strong connection with memory, so when people that are ill listen to an important song for them they react and back to them selfs because of the memory.

Reflection: Since my background or previous professional experience is about designing interfaces and digital experiences to make it memorable, I could notice that I’m giving a new point of view to my field from the audio or hearing experience but understanding better the emotion with another stimulus rather than visual, to make a change in people lives and in the organizational culture of companies.


Important day for my intervention

– The original company who was supposed to help me had a lot of concerns about music volume in the workplace, so they suggest me to do it outside the building :/ and I have to move the date and change the idea. (I really don’t want to do outdoor music, or be confused as a street music or standard musical performance)

– Fortunately the company reference to me to the Lifestyle manager of the huge complex of offices, and they will be willing to help in another area of the building and with other companies that casually are digital too!!!

They are offering me the opportunity not just to play in one of the floors of a company of 400 employees, they also will allow me to use the space I will need for exhibitions or performances 😀

I’m so happy and scared! I just need to adjust the previous proposal to identify which company will be willing to help and soon take ACTION! <3

Summary Intervention


How anxiety feels?


Songs users use to relieve anxiety