Stakeholder Interview: The Human Resources Manager

Thanks to the woman networks that I currently belong, I found a Human Resources Manager from a multinational company of marketing analysis. The main findings.

  • Normally Human Resources areas defined his intervention plan with a year in advance so they can define budgets: for workshops, medical support, interventions, career development, among others.
  • Currently, Wellbeing is just seeing like – healthcare -, or related to sports, yoga, and massages. Mental health is just checked in a standard review ONCE a year (!) that is made for external parts of the company.

About live music in the office
According to the Manager, the idea to bring classical music to the office was interesting, BUT needs to have into account the following considerations:

  • Normally live music into the office could be related to any event or upcoming company campaign, it is important to articulate the music with an outcome so people understand why the company is offering that. Just to have an opening and a closing of the intervention.
  • This could not be applied in all type of companies because depends on the flexibility and the schedule they have for meetings, calls, etc. So it is important to do it in transitional moments (arriving in the office early morning, after lunch or after office).
  • It is important the volume, tone, and closing the cycle with an email, or flyer so people understand why that music was there.

About acoustic box
This sound really exciting for the interviewed, thinking as a place where people can get in, listen to sounds, scream or have a mental relaxation. But she has the following concerns

  • The box shouldn’t be in an open space or where everybody can see who is getting in.
  • This should be in a quiet space (she suggest areas like upstairs floors, or terrace, etc)
  • It needs to have some rules to avoid people get in with phones or use it for phone calls

IMPORTANT: Stakeholder talked about agencies of healthcare, training etc, to hire their services. She finds the interventions I shared like an opportunity to create an agency who provides bespoke mental wellbeing services for companies, that could be contacted and added in the budget at the beginning of the year.


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