Stakeholder feedback about live music intervention

After the intervention in One Web, those questions where sent by email to the Facility Manager of the office, who was present and recording all the reactions.

  1. Comparing to other days in the office,  what do you think the music did to people and to the workplace?

I think that the majority of the staff were positively affected by the music, people were generally more happy, and it formed a talking point for many for the rest of the day!

  1. It is normal the interaction between colleagues early morning? Do you think people become more talkative because of the music intervention?

Yes normally people will have a chat over coffee in the morning, but I think there music gave them something other than work to discuss in the morning and encouraged more engagement than usual.

  1. Have you received any personal feedback of people? How was it? Has someone complained or said something negative? (negative is also important for us) What do you think we should improve for a future next intervention like this?

The overall feedback was very positive, people were very surprised by the music and said it put them in a good mood, and so having live music in the office is definitely something we would consider for the future. Some people were not sure how to react – I think some wanted to stay and listen more, but were not sure if they could. The only near-negative feedback, is that a couple of people commented that maybe a flute was not the best instrument as – as a solo – is not as “warm” as a violin or piano, so maybe in the future a different instrument could be used.

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