Approach with the Guildhall School of Music to scale the live music intervention

One of the most important struggles with the live music intervention idea is all the costs that are around: Musicians performance, transportation, lobby in companies, marketing among others. Thinking about the possibility of scale the project, and start to offer it as a service, and thanks to the contact from a violinist friend, I was connected with the Research area of Guildhall School of Music where I present my project and did the request of future collaborative work to involve students, and here is their answer


Dear Natalia,

 While I don’t think that I’ll be able to become involved in the project, I have provided some information below that I hope you will find useful.

  • If you are interested in hiring our student musicians, I would direct you towards our External Engagements department. They are able to connect you with musicians within the school and enable our students to work professionally at fair rates.
  • For more general information about live performance costs, I would recommend using the Musicians Union website. They have a great deal of useful resources, including information about recommended rates for various types of performances, template contracts, and articles/resources about various issues within the field.
  • The Guildhall School runs its own Creative Entrepreneurs scheme, a year-long incubator designed to support creative enterprises. You may find it useful to look around the website to see the type of support that we would typically offer to entrepreneurs on the scheme. You may also find their Twitter feed useful, as they regularly post articles with advice about running creative and social enterprises.

I hope that the resources above are helpful for your project. Thanks again for getting in touch.

Kind regards,
Research Coordinator


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