The value of the unexpected for wellbeing [Reflection]

Beyond all the process to do live music events and make the people share their fears for songs… there is a constant in all my interventions, the “surprise effect”… people who don’t know what song will be shared… or workers that arrive and find a music in their reception. This creates a curiosity for the new… and maybe this curiosity for the new is something that the daily life of people at work is lost… since they can fall in the routine….

Breaking the routine with music or art in general, could also generate this connection with the three spheres of wellbeing? psychological, sociological and physical?  Personally, I’m someone who doesn’t’ like the routine, does why I avoid taking longer projects… I like variety and feel rewarding moments. Also is an important surprise is designed to create a positive emotion… and for it, the research is the clue… I dream in the future any company could hire a musician to work for the wellbeing, design songs, creat ambient music, support people wellbeing by research, understanding rhythms, projects. Someone who could be part of the team and work for and with them indirectly.

By the other side, I also dream my project of sharing fears could be connected with a music provider that could  use artificial intelligence to make easier the process to chose a song and analyse the words in the fear, create tags, among others… also it will be important to create a profile of fears of people,  and try to analyze what is happening psychologically with the help of professionals. I mean is not only about the fear is about be sure that we are helping.

Hearing and healing
When I start my research I was diagnosed with vertigo, and there I learn the importance of the ear for the human equilibrium. I was in a medical evaluation when I had several simulations of disequilibrium with movements and noise…  without the ability to hear our body will move completely weird and our mind will be completely affected. This causality has made me think more about the importance of this project for the mental health and the brain… we can create more scenarios to hear…. not only music, hear others, hear sounds of the world and nature, I know these mindfulness aspects are a little bit trendy, but being mindful is the ability to be present with all the senses, as society we have been completely visual… is time to get back to the ear. And it seems more people is understanding it… NHS is using sounds or recording songs to help patients with dementia… at the same time there is a project of NHS so in 2030 doctors will be prescribing arts to relieve anxiety and depression.



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